Tips & guide on buying property for first home buyers.

One of the best things about being a first home buyer is that you may be eligible for a first homeowner grant, which can be a big help.

But there are rules in place which determine if you are eligible in your state or territory. Here are the major factors which determine if you are eligible for a grant.

A person?

To claim the grant you must be 18 years of age or older and a natural person – in other words, you won’t be able to claim a grant if you purchase through a company or trust.

A couple?

If you are buying as a couple you will only be eligible for one grant payment – and yes same sex couples are eligible.

Aussie, Kiwi?

You must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanent resident, or if you are buying with someone else, one of you must be a citizen or permanent resident.Other types of residents may purchase new property in Australia but they will not be eligible for first home buyer grants.

The First Time......

The word first means you will only get a grant payment if this is the first property you or your partner has bought. 

If you or they have owned or part-owned a property before, you will almost certainly not be eligible. Buying a property with the assistance of a family member in most instances will be okay, but if they are listed on the title, you may not qualify.

Build or built?

In some states and territories, you can get a first home buyers grant for an established home, but in most jurisdictions, grants are now only available when you buy a new property.In most jurisdictions, you will need to have a signed contract with a builder to be eligible for a grant for a new home.


The important word to note here is ‘home’ – it must be your principal place of residence.  You won’t be eligible if you rent the property out to someone else.

And your home must be a residence only.  This has led to some disputes where first timers have bought shops which they plan to convert into a residence or mixed use properties.

If your property is not zoned and/or certified residential (this terminology differs depending on the jurisdiction) check with authorities first.

Will it matter if I bend the truth a little?

Hundreds of applicants have faced penalties, thousands of applications rejected and at least one person has been jailed for making false claims about a first home buyers grant.

There are always some people who, how do we put this, take a liberal approach to the law, but rest assured, the responsible agencies have proved very adept at catching out people who thought they could make up their own rules, including:

  • Literally hundreds of applicants caught using false names
  • A WA couple who, despite having owned other properties, felt they were entitled to their 'first' grant because they had never received a grant before
  • Scores of people caught lying about their marital status or trying to conceal previous ownership of property
  • One NSW claimant who tried to hide the fact she wasn't living in her home by falsifying a lease agreement with fake dates
  • Two Victorian brothers who pretended they were a same sex couple in order to claim the grant.

If you want to find out if you are eligible, start here and follow the prompts


1st Home Buyer Get A Grant:

If you're a 1st home buyer you probably know that you're eligible for government assistance, commonly known as 1st home owner grants.

  • But how does it work exactly? 

  • How much does one get?

Across Australia the process is the same but between jurisdictions there are differences

There are 2 ways to lodge:

  • Your application can be lodged through your Mortgage Broker l Bank l Financial Institution who ever is providing you your mortgage 

  • Download an application form, which you will need to complete & lodge yourself with the authorities also once you have completed the sales transaction.


One final tip – grants and concessions DO change so please double check what’s available in your state or territory before you buy.

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